It’s Not Always Easy…


It’s not always easy meeting new people. It can be awkward and intimidating. What do you say? What do they think of you? Are you cool enough? There are numerous thoughts racing through our minds when we encounter new people. The other night I met the players on my slo pitch team. Out of the 10 or so people I met that evening I only knew one. For some, these situations are not difficult and for others it is down right scary! For me, I have a tape playing in my mind of various scenarios of what to try and say and what not to try and say. Sweat begins to drip down your forehead. The nerves begin to quick in and you are a loss for words.

We’ve all been there before. First encounters, and we all know how important first encounters are. We never get a second chance to make a first impression. But that’s just it, why are you trying to impress? Just be yourself! Even though I have grown through the years and I believe I have improved in this area, there are still certain moments when it’s not always easy. What I have learned and what I try and put into practice has been helpful in this area. Every time I experience meeting someone for the first time, I try and put these principles into practice. They have helped me immensely. Here they are:

1. Just be yourself.
2. Relax
3. Remember, the person is probably just as nervous as you.
4. Treat them respect.
5. Look for ways to make a common connection. (Sports, TV, music, kids, work, etc)
6. Don’t try to hard.
7. Don’t come across as a know it all.
8. Just be yourself!

Yes, I added ‘just be yourself’ twice to the list because I believe it is the most important. At the end of the day, you don’t really have any control whether a person is going to like you or not. Just be yourself and don’t try to hard and everything will work out. If it doesn’t – oh well!

What would you add to the list?

The Shift App – Media Creator


Shift Worship made a BIG announcement last week that is going to influence the Church Media world greatly. They have released  their “Shift Media Creator” app, which you will be able to create custom, high-quality motions right from your iPhone. I downloaded the app ($5.99) to check it, and it is amazing!   No matter the size of your church or budget, this is a must-have for your ministry.   Check out the video below to see how it works.

Find out more about Shift Media Creator here.

What do you think about the app? Will you download it?