Capturing Thoughts


I remember when I was a teenager I use to sit in a coffee shop and write my thoughts, plans and dreams on napkins. I loved that time! Although it was a dark time in my life due to a drug addiction, I have some wonderful memories as I look back now and think about all God has done in my life.

Today, I don’t write my thoughts on napkins, but in a notebook or on my phone. I keep my phone by my bedside as I find my mind more active in the evening just before I fall asleep. That’s not to say I don’t think throughout my day, I just find my mind often drifts to places which leaves me to write thoughts down more often so I do not forget them.

What about you? Where do you write your thoughts down?

Orange Parents


I have the privilege of serving on our Leadership Team at my local church. This past Sunday I had the opportunity to share the vision to our church family the vision behind the Orange Strategy. It was well received and I am excited to see what God will unfold in the coming months. Lately I have felt a stirring in my heart to what direction I believe the blog should head.

I have already made some major design changes to the blog and now I feel the content needs to be shaped better. So I will be making a move to where the blog becomes a little more personal and resourceful. I have a desire to see people connected to resources that will equip them to be informed and prepared for whatever they have been called to do.

One helpful website for families is Orange Parents. You will find so much on this site. One resource I came across the other day were these Small Group Videos designed to partner with a book entitled, “Parenting Beyong Your Capacity,” by Carey Nieuwhof and Reggie Joiner.

Click here to check them out!

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