It’s A Battle


Everyday is a battle. I find myself constantly being bombarded in my mind with negative thoughts. Many people struggle in their minds. The largest battlefield isn’t in the Middle East, for many of us it is our minds. If we aren’t careful, we could end up losing the battle. We need to be prepared. Lately, I have found myself fighting my mental battles with my thoughts and words. Every time my mind fills up with negative thoughts, I do my…

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Memphis started playing hockey a few weeks back with the Abbotsford Minor Hockey Association. He has really enjoyed his time playing, and I have seen the positive affects it has had on him with his confidence. Memphis isn’t the best player on the ice, but he sure does have a lot of heart. It is so much fun watching him enjoy something he loves to do. One position he really wanted to try was goalie. Tomorrow will be his first…

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What Now?

Guy At The Wheel

We stay the course. We keep moving forward. We shall not be moved! A few years ago, my father in law took me fishing to Ucluelet, BC, on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. The West Coast is majestic! It is probably one of the most beautiful places I have visited. When we fished, we boarded the Kennedy Lake, owned and operated by Roger. Roger is old school. He is a fascinating man. He has done and seen a lot…

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Journey Life My Story


White Chairs

How many of you struggle with waiting? I sure do. Right now I am currently waiting on getting my blood work results back sometime today. I haven’t had any blood work done since early November to see where my tumor markers are. At that time the tumor markers read: 16. Here’s hoping that we see some positive results. Waiting can be difficult, because we are usually impatient people. We live in a ‘fast food’ society, where no one wants to…

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