Effective Habits for Developing Leaders

Developing Effective Habits

One of the very first decisions I made when I became a leader was I did not want to stop growing.  John Maxwell once said, ” Leadership is influence,” and that, “everything rises and falls on leadership.”  A lot of times within the ‘church world,’ we focus our attention on the spiritual or character development of a leader.  Now, these areas are quite important and I am not trying to negate them, but, sometimes we overlook some of the more practical aspects of leadership, namely effective habits.

Often times leaders are not born, they are developed and I want to share a couple of practical, effective habits I believe every developing leader should have.  I have compiled them in no specific order.

1.  Personal Reading

this is an effective habit which can increase insight, knowledge and understanding

2.  Prayer Life

you position yourself to hear from God.  You gain fresh insight and revelation

3.  People Awareness

be aware of the world around you

be aware of what others are going through as they may need you to point them to Christ

4.  A Continuation of Learning | Developing

as a leader it is important to continue to grow

5.  Accountability

develop authentic relationships

develop prayer partners

allow others to speak into your life

6.  Meeting with a Mentor

you gain a different perspective

someone who will listen to you

7.  Journal

you can track your progress

write about what you believe God is calling you to do

These are just a few of the effective habits that every developing leader should develop.  What would you add to the list?

If God Is For Us

If God Is For Us

There is nothing hidden from the sight of God. He knows all. He is in all. He is God. One of our deepest needs is a revelation of the Father’s love. Today, I am thankful for the deep abiding presence of Jesus. What freedom there is knowing you are loved. There is such safety knowing you are secure in Him. His presence brings peace. He truly satisfies.

Come & Go


God is a God of invitation.

Isaiah 55
Matthew 11:28

He invites us to be friends
He invites us into his presence
He invites us to be partakers
He invites us into mission

God is a God who tells His people to GO!

Preach the Gospel
Heal the sick
Cast out demons
Make disciples

Matthew 28:19

Being a kid growing up in the Presbyterian Church!

I was raised in the Presbyterian Church.  There I said it!  I am not ashamed that my parents “raised me in the church” (whatever that means), to be honest, I am very thankful.  As I grew older I began to think for myself, I began to rebel from organized religion.  Here are some words that came into my mind the other day when I was thinking about my childhood experiences in church.

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