Come & Go


God is a God of invitation.

Isaiah 55
Matthew 11:28

He invites us to be friends
He invites us into his presence
He invites us to be partakers
He invites us into mission

God is a God who tells His people to GO!

Preach the Gospel
Heal the sick
Cast out demons
Make disciples

Matthew 28:19

Being a kid growing up in the Presbyterian Church!

I was raised in the Presbyterian Church.  There I said it!  I am not ashamed that my parents “raised me in the church” (whatever that means), to be honest, I am very thankful.  As I grew older I began to think for myself, I began to rebel from organized religion.  Here are some words that came into my mind the other day when I was thinking about my childhood experiences in church.

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Who I Am In Christ

The truth of Who I Am In Christ has been something close to my heart as of late. I am amazed by the amount of individuals who truly don’t understand or have never had a revelation of their position ‘in Christ.’ Many people are aware of the ‘Who I Am In Christ’ sayings and even quote them on a regular basis. I thought I would display a document which I hope will serve as an encouragement to those who read it. Blessings!

Do You Pray?

Let’s be honest, praying doesn’t always come natural to us. It can be hard work sometimes. It takes discipline.  One of the issues I see with prayer is that we try too hard.  We use big words and often pray from our heads and not our hearts.  He is not impressed one bit by the size of the words we use or even the length of them.  All He wants is our hearts.  How is your prayer life?  Do you even pray?  What are you praying for right now.